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The Miracles of Jesus


The first season, with 18 episodes narrate the most famous graces, which are: “The Marvelous Fishing” – tells how Simon became Peter, an apostle of Jesus -, “The Curved Woman” - tells the painful life of a woman that loses faith after many difficulties -, “The Leper of Ginosar” - shows how deep suffering transforms the personality of a rich fish merchant - and “The Cure of the Dry Hand” – tells the story of Gerson, a young boy that has his left hand contaminated by the plague.


Moreover, other miracles are shown in the series, such as: “The Possessed Of Gerasa”, “The Cure Of The Centurion’s Servant”, “The Impure Woman”, “The Handicapped Of Bethesda’s Tank”, “The Hydropic Man”, “The Daughter Of Jairus”, “The Cure Of The Deaf From Decapolis”, “The Cure Of The Born Blind”, “The Ressurection Of The Widow’s Son”, “The Blind From Jericho”, “The Cure Of The Paralytic From Capernaum”, “The Cure Of The Possessed Boy”, “The Ten Leper” and “Miracles in Ginosar”.


Each chapter seeks to transmit teachings of love, hope, courage and perseverance of people who had faith and, therefore, conquered the MIRACLES OF JESUS.


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